Marée Face Masks Lp3

Facial Masks

4.7 / 5
Rediscover Youthful Radiance with Maree Facial Masks Experience the Power of Natural Beauty



Ivana Dianela

I had previously tried many masks of this type, but this was the first time I felt that a mask of this kind moisturized my skin so much😍 It leaves the skin feeling fresh, light and very very soft. It's perfect to use when you need to give your face a hydration boost. Also the designs of the masks are very cute. For the quality and the quantity that comes, I think it's worth it!


This is my first time ever using a collagen face mask. I can't imagine trying a different brand. I had instant results, my face was hydrated, pumped, and surprisingly had a super bounce back like milk hydro grip primer but ten times better. This mask would be perfect for applying before an important event that requires flawless makeup. Like a wedding, birthday, or so type of celebration.there is 6 mask, three different colors but all does the samething. Only requires 20 min and you will see results as soon as you remove it.


These collagen masks are great for all skin types. I have very sensitive skin and I didn’t have any issues with them. I like the fact that they nourish the skin, even the tone & reduce wrinkles & fine lines. My skin felt very soft and moisturized after use. My baby girl also enjoyed having mommy daughter spa day with me.

Amani Megginson

These facial mask are super cute and fun to use! It definitely takes your self care experience to another level!

Jill Cunningham

This pack came with multiple color options and were so easy to use. They left my skin feeling so soft and even though I have sensitive skin, I didn’t have any issues.

there is a non-surgical facelift that actually works!

Crafted for instant firming, targeting the reduction of puffiness, fine lines, and deep wrinkles.